High Quality English-Turkish Translation Service Offered by a Real Professional

Happy to meet you here! You are at the correct address for your translation needs in English-Turkish language pair. As an Industrial Engineer, M.Sc. and a NAATI/Australia certified Professional full-time translator in English-Turkish pair (in both directions) with an experience of 14+ years in the translation industry, I’ve delivered 60,000+ pages of translation in many fields from technical to medical, legal to software localisation including 600+ NAATI certified translations, 50+ large projects (each exceeding 30,000 words) and 2.000+ jobs for many outstanding clients from all over the World from Australia and New Zealand to Turkey (to verify my accreditation, please visit the NAATI official website, click “Verify a Credential”, enter my ID (CPN8SR14G) in the box labelled as “Enter the Practitioner Number” under “Verify a Certification” and click “Verify”). I am also a Notary Public (Ankara/Turkey) sworn translator and can provide Notary Public certified official translation. For sure, you will get the high quality translation service.

As an expert user of Trados 2021, a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool which do not make the translation part, but helps in maintaining consistency (particularly with regard to terminology), speeds up the translation process and enhances quality through many built-in tools, I can offer a more consistent, higher quality, verification performed and more accurate translation.

Most of the documents consist of text from more than one field – translation of some parts may require technical background, and some parts may require legal background etc. We should also consider the localization issue and experience in handling really huge projects… So, I promise you that you will get your translation done by a qualified translator with all of the above-mentioned attributes. Please examine the following pages for more detailed information: