English – Turkish IT Translation and Software Localization

Translation of IT documents and software localization requires both strong IT terminology knowledge and a good understanding of how the translated text will display when implemented. After translating many texts related to mobile applications, computer programming etc. you learn that these texts have a certain terminology and you need to have a good command of using them. I widely benefit from the Microsoft language portal.

There are some special software for software localization. Using visual localization/editing (WYSIWYG), these programs show you what you will see at the end in terms of screen layout, menus, formatting etc. By this way, you can make adjustments during the translation process which would otherwise be very difficult to do. I used Passolo and Sisulizer software for this purpose.

Please find below some big projects I delivered in this field.

Subject Volume (Words) Date Software
Trend Micro Antivirus software localization 35,000 2010 Trados 2007
Chrysler Service tool software localization 100,000 January 2011 Trados 2007
Microsoft SharePoint Manual Localization (Unofficial) 50,000 September 2011 Trados 2007
Honda Service tool software localization 72,000 September 2012 Trados 2007
HP HP Service Anywhere Software localization 96,000 December 2012-January 2013 Trados 2007
Synchro Construction Project Management Software Localization 50,000 2013 - 2017 Sisulizer 3 & 4
Small projects Miscellaneous 200,000 2007 - 2017 Word, Trados

* Please note that I received some of these projects by means of translation offices or such, and they might have been undergone review, proofreading, desktop publishing etc. processes after I translated and delivered them.