Legal Translation

I translated and delivered 150+ English legal documents to Turkish including contracts, court decisions, power of attorney and other notary public certificates, regulations etc. Almost every document has a part regarding legal issues – a disclaimer part, a supplementary part, a warranty part, contracts, excerpts from legislation etc., and apart from translation of many legal documents, I translated such parts included in specifications, manuals etc. Since your privacy has the first priority, I assure confidentiality of your documents will be always maintained. I signed many non-disclosure agreements and I respect my clients’ requirements.

Please find below a summary of legal documents I translated.

Subject Volume (Words) Date Software
Starr Documents on privacy, insider trading etc. 50,000 June 2013 Trados Studio 2009
Australian Government Official Documents for Turkish Community 29,000 June–July 2015 Trados Studio 2014
Small jobs Contracts, Notary Public documents, Trade Journal, Power of Attorney etc. 400,000 (Around 150 jobs) 2007-2017 Word, Trados

* Please note that I received some of these projects by means of translation offices or such, and they might have been undergone review, proofreading, desktop publishing etc. processes after I translated and delivered them.