English – Turkish Medical and Pharmacological Translation

Here, you will get your English or Turkish medical texts translated with high quality and correctly selected terminology. I have a special interest in medicine and its terminology. As a Translators without Borders volunteer translator I donated translation of 10,918 words, being most of them in the medicine field. I created EchinococcosisHepatitis ALeishmaniasisCutaneous leishmaniasisLeptospirosis and Onchocerciasis and provided a significant contribution to Chagas diseaseProstate cancer, and Dracunculiasis articles in Turkish Wikipedia as the lead of a project executed under the cooperation of Translators without Borders and Wikipedia.

Within a long-term project that lasted approx. 2 years, I translated 85 published medical journal articles from Turkish to English. I created a personal medical glossary with 4000+ entries for this project.

Please find below a summary of medial translators I delivered.

Subject Volume (Words) Date Software
Sandoz Drug phase studies 18,200 August 2008 MS Word
SLE Infant Ventilator User Manual 40,800 May 2015 Trados Studio 2014
Agfa Agfa HealthCare products manuals/web site/software 40,000 Aug - Sep 2015 Trados Studio 2014/MemoQ
85 Medical Journal Articles Miscellaneous (Tr->En) 120,000 Aug 2014 – Jul 2016 Trados Studio 2014/2015
Small projects Medical instrument manuals etc. 100,000 2007 - 2017 Word, Trados

* Please note that I received some of these projects by means of translation offices or such, and they might have been undergone review, proofreading, desktop publishing etc. processes after I translated and delivered them.