My Translation Style – a Good Reason for your Choice


A translation process does not consist of only the translating part – there is some work to be before and after it. For example, it should undergo a quality control phase after translating the text including a final reading, spellcheck, grammar check, and verification process including number, punctuation, date checks etc. If a glossary is used, another check is required to ensure that correct terms are used.

What happens when I receive a job offer?

  1. I examine all the documents to be translated and determine whether I’m capable of translating them and meeting the deadline. If I’m not, I decline.
  2. I submit a quote including the deadline based on number of words or pages of the source document(s).
  3. If the client agrees the price and due date, I create a new folder special to the client and job, and move all files there. I record all details regarding the job – they will be required for preparing an accurate invoice at the end.
  4. I schedule the translation job. If it has a large volume, I determine how many words to be translated each day.
  5. I convert pdf files and images to MS Word documents using an OCR software (I use ABBYY FineReader).
  6. I load the converted file(s) in Trados 2017 and create a project along with an embedded glossary.
  7. I start translating the files.
  8. During translation I open a web browser with many tabs – English dictionaries, Turkish dictionaries, abbreviation dictionary, Wikipedia, Google, Microsoft language portal, and use as many as other sources it is required.
  9. If I encounter unclear points, I note them and ask from the client to clarify them.
  10. After translation ends, I read through all of the files and make necessary corrections.
  11. Using spellcheck and verification tools of Trados 2017, I make a quality control and make required corrections.
  12. I convert these files back into their original format(s).
  13. I make a final check on the final documents (if possible) and send them to the client along with an invoice.
  14. I delete all files after sending them if the client desires so.