English to Turkish Technical Translation

As an industrial engineer B.Sc, M.Sc, I’m familiar with nearly all technical areas. As of 2017, I translated 450+ specifications, manuals etc., 50+ academic articles, 100+ assessments and surveys, and  I use Trados 2017 CAT software and Multiterm 2017 terminology management tool to provide consistency throughout translation of your documents. I can also deliver a glossary if you want. A final read, quality control, spell check, grammar check, and verification (including number, date, abbreviation etc. check) of your translation will be performed before delivery.

If you want your documents in English language to be translated into Turkish with the highest level of quality, accuracy and consistency, and with the same layout design as your original documents you are at the right address.

Please find below some projects with high volume that I delivered.

Please also visit dedicated automotive and IT translation pages.

Subject Volume (Words) Date Software
Orhaneli thermal power station Operation manual (19 booklets) 140,000 January 2007 MS Word
Sony User’s manual 36,600 June 2008 MS Word
General Electric (as a member of a translation team) Power Station Technical Documentation 214,000 (Total of Project was 700,000) February-April 2010 Trados 2007
Shell (as a member of a translation team) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 118,000 (Total of Project was 3,000,000) May-June 2010 Trados 2007 (through TM server)
Siemens Fire protection systems 40,000 November 2010 Trados 2007
Voith Power station operation manual 60,000 November-December 2011 Across
Konecrane Crane operation manual 120,000 December 2011-February 2012 Trados Studio 2009
KBA Printing press manual 110,000 February-March 2013 Trados Studio 2009
Durr Printing Plant installation manual 50,000 May 2013 Trados Studio 2009
Crabtree Of Gateshead Printing press manual 66,000 December 2013-January 2014 Trados Studio 2014
General Electric Power Station Technical Documentation 58,000 August 2014 Trados Studio 2014
Power Team Product Catalogue 70,000 January–February 2015 Trados Studio 2014
Scantron Form & Barcode Scanner Manuals 28,600 February–March 2015 Trados Studio 2014
Terex Construction Equipment User Manuals 23,400 October 2015 Tag Editor
- Various technical specification files of a plant 107,000 January-February 2016 Trados Studio 2015
ASCO POMPE Water Island System Documents 43,600 April 2016 Trados Studio 2015
Yaskawa Industrial Robotic Documents 46,000 July–August 2016 Trados Studio 2015
Rapiscan Operator’s Manual 38,800 November 2016 Trados Studio 2015
JSW Instruction Manual and Other Manuals 90,000 December 2016–January 2017 Trados Studio 2017
Miscellaneous Academic articles 50,000 2007-2017 Word, Trados
Miscellaneous Assessments, Surveys 50,000 2007-2017 Word, Trados
Miscellaneous Patents 5000 2007-2017 Word, Trados
Miscellaneous Specifications, manuals etc. 3,000,000 2007-2017 Word, Trados
Safety Wise Job Accident Investigaton Inspector Instructions 21.000 February 2017 Trados Studio 2017
GVM Engraving machine manuals 30.000 March 2017 Trados Studio 2017
- Motorway Communication System Exploration Report 10.000 May 2017 Trados Studio 2017
Zoho Software localization 16,000 July 2017 Tag Editor
- Machinery manuals 35.000 October 2017 Trados Studio 2017
Henrob Self-pierce riveting machine manuals 37,000 November 2017 Trados Studio 2017
Deep Sea Genset control module 40,100 February 2018 Trados Studio 2017
Sares Washer drum fabrication line software localisation 145,500 March-April 2018 Trados Studio 2017
Schneider Electric Drive Integration Manual 144.000 May-June 2018 Trados Studio 2017

* Please note that I received some of these projects by means of translation offices or such, and they might have been undergone review, proofreading, desktop publishing etc. processes after I translated and delivered them.